Data Protection and Freedom of Information e-Learning Solutions

Training your staff in data protection is key to compliance with GDPR. As the “beating heart” of any organisation, your staff will handle personal data all of the time, probably both at work and off site and from an array of different devices.

e-Learning can be a cost effective way to deliver essential data protection training.

Explore our two e-Learning solutions

Bespoke e-Learning

We build bespoke e-Learning solutions with content that fits hand-in-glove with how you operate. Our training is engaging and novel. Content can be wholly tailored to your organisation, including its different functions and the different roles that staff have.

Example – Data Protection for New Starters

You may already provide annual face-to-face data protection training for staff but struggle to provide this on an individual basis for new starters. You need staff to gain access to systems and data swiftly but before allowing them access, they must have received data protection training. We can build a bespoke data protection session to be used as part of your induction process when onboarding new starters.

Example – Data Protection for a specific role

You may require us to build a bespoke data protection solution for staff working in a certain role such as HR or Customer Services or Help Desk. Our e-Learning solution will be wholly tailored to your operation and can easily include your data protection policies and procedures.

Other e-Learning Solutions

Bespoke e-Learning packages developed by us and delivered to you by our e-Learning partner Tenjin Ltd. See

Tenjin also have  a range of courses authored by us specifically for Schools and the Education Sector.